At Villager Property, our purpose is to help others find their place in order to live their best life.

Villager is a feeling, a breath of fresh air and a sense of place and belonging. When you choose Villager, you choose consultants that offer holistic solutions to help you find a place that changes your life for the better.

We believe in having a great lifestyle, mutual respect and empowering people to help them find what they are looking for – and be here for every step of the experience along your property journey.

We are here to tell your property's story.

Home begins here.

What we do for you

We believe that home begins where you can live your best life.

And so we will always do what’s right, not what’s easy or fast.

Never straying from our values and beliefs; and always putting people first.

We courageously turn what feels almost impossible into the possible.

Villager is more than just selling + leasing homes.

We’re about crafting a lifestyle experience for all people and won’t stop until we do!

We’ve got soul and we turn up and give our best every day.

Armed with coffee and good vibes.

And we have a darn good time doing it all.

What does it mean to be boutique?

A misconception about Boutique Real Estate is that we only cater to the high end market or that we are not competitive enough to stand amongst the big agencies.

The reality is that we are an extremely specialised business. We are culture centred, focused on customer service and professionalism.

With Villager, you can always expect above average representation in every transaction whether its through buying, selling, leasing, styling or short term leasing. Not only is your agent one of the directors with 17 years experience in the industry, you have the whole office across your transaction – working with you using our combined specialised experience. 

We take a lot of pride in our brand and offer pro-active digital representation. Our online marketing looks flawless and competitively sits on the most popular platforms including and

Being a smaller agency, we are able to spend more time making you look good. This includes high quality marketing products to help specialise your journey even more than what you would get at another ‘bigger’ agency.

We understand quality of quantity and that every client has different needs. So instead of focusing on the quantity of homes we sell, we focus on the service we provide because your opinion and customer experience has far greater importance to us.

That’s the Villager difference.

The Villager Experience

We use styling and photography

Creating an identity for a home is everything when inspiring desire within people. It’s also important to maintain an identity when we are selling. Our team of stylists, film makers, photographers, copywriters and designers are here to bring the vision of your property to life. We help potential buyers to visualise what is possible, what life could be like in each space – maximising the potential of each home through the unique story of your property.

with our unique approach

In order to tailor the most suitable campaign, we allow for choices with your campaign. One that suits your budget, but most importantly, your needs. We believe every property is different, so there is no 'one way' to do things. Our unique approach empowers you to prepare for the sale of your property in an ordered, and stress-free way.

In the best place on earth

Newcastle is where we live, work and play. We know where to find the most delicious coffee, the finest cocktails, the best spots to sit and relax on a Sunday and the best buyers or tenants for your property. We believe Newcastle has it all, we are proud to call it home.

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