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Your buying journey begins with:

Courtney Rumble.

Genuine solutions, honest people – It’s really that simple. We don’t have special sales models, we just listen and navigate the clutter to give you something that suits you – not your suburb.

We believe everyone deserves phenomenal customer service. Thats why we believe your experience with one of the biggest decisions in your life should be warm, consultative and welcoming.

It all starts with an enriched experience.

As a leading boutique agency in Newcastle, we transact a selection of properties each year, building strong relationships with buyers and sellers along the way. Our trusted personal advice and professional expertise puts us at the top of our game when it comes to matching our buyers, with their perfect property.

Our promise:

We stay in touch with everyone who is still on the hunt for their best property match. When it becomes available, we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to know.

We believe that Newcastle is truly the greatest place to live on Earth.

It takes time to belong to a place.

Whether it’s your room, your house, your neighbourhood or the city you live in. There’s a natural progression: You find somewhere new, you observe it, you explore it and then you begin living it. That’s when all the details start to come together into a cohesive whole, when you stop thinking and start feeling, when you realise you belong.

At Villager, we prepare for this moment. We create it with you. We listen to your history and we help you tell a new story. You tell it with everything around you. The life you’re in is reflected in the surfaces, the sounds, the surrounds, the very bones of the building, the love you built.

Everything we do at Villager is a considered choice for you, for the next owner. To start the next chapter. It takes time to feel you belong somewhere. And It takes time to prepare it for you.

All you have to do now is live it.

Let’s start by connecting you with the right person.

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