Landlord approved hacks for renters

There are definitely some benefits when renting, for example being able to pack it all up and move for lifestyle or work without a big mortgage to think about.

Renting also comes with challenges – like not being able to alter the house or renovate.

Believe it or not, most renters have the best insights for the properties considering they are living in them! I bet as I said that, you thought of a specific thing you would change huh?

The good news is that we’re here to help you creatively “modify” your rental space with 5 of the best styling hacks that are landlord approved – Thanks Courtney!

Mood lighting

Lighting can change the entire mood of the house. This is one of my favourite tips because it has the power to turn an over-lit room into a beautiful ambient space where you can actually enjoy your time. Choose some low-lit lamps on the floor, wall or table for that intimate space feeling.

Smart storage

If you are renting a place without built-in wardrobes or a linen cupboard, I feel your pain! But this is a great opportunity to get creative.  Sometimes its fun to solve a storage problem by turning it into a bit of a feature. You can pick-up some inexpensive baskets from K’mart or Target and fill them with some neatly rolled towels or take a clothes rail and display your best bed threads in the laundry.

Sweep it under the rug

You might find the perfect home, perfect street, great kitchen and then you look down and it has an old case of the: ‘Ew! What is this flooring situation’. A solution that is way less expensive than ripping it up and replacing it yourself – is to find some rugs and start layering it up. This look works really well on floorboards and old tiles too.

Hello Green

I love my leafy friends, the more the better in some spaces, but even just a touch of greenery leafery can elevate the vibe, bring a pop of green colour and give a natural organic element to your whole place. Whether you have a backyard, balcony or not, you will be surprised at how the addition of some indoor plants will have you home feeling more livable and tranquil than ever.

Mirror mirror (leaning) on the wall

Nice big mirrors are so on-trend right now. They are the heaviest of the must-have homewares and guess what – they look so good when they’re just leant against a wall or on a mantle, so you won’t have to worry about damage caused or trying to get it straight.



We hope our list helps! If you have any other questions about what you can do to prepare your property for lease, contact Courtney today.



Renting is where many people start to develop their own personal style. Get creative – A functional and beautiful living space in a house that isn’t yours is a challenge, but it is still possible. Lean in and get personal. If you’re at a loss, start with neutrals and work from there.

Get those extra-good tenants

Do you know what the number one secret to getting extra-good tenants is?

Be the kind of landlord your tenant wants to stick with. That means being polite, giving constructive feedback, sticking to your word and making their life easier. 

If we’re thinking similar, you’d know that a good tenant is worth their weight in gold and most of the tenants that we find will go out of their way to keep their landlords happy (okay, we might have a little something to do with that).

That’s a pretty good reason to invest in a property management team don’t you think?

Our Director of Property Management, Courtney helps to maximise investment properties in this area, weekly – getting Landlords better rental prices whilst keeping tenants happy!

Let’s have a chat soon so we can give you some more insights about our tenant selection process and see if we can help with yours.

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