What does it mean to be Boutique?

A misconception about Boutique Real Estate is that we’re only for the high end market. The reality is that we are an extremely specialised business. We are good-vibes-centred, focused on customer service and professionalism.

With Villager, you can always expect the best representation in every transaction whether its through buying, selling, leasing, styling or short-term leasing. Not only is your agent one of the directors with 17 + years experience in the industry, you have the whole office across your property – working with you using our combined specialised experience.

“We don’t let things go cold or dodge hard conversations in messages. We follow-through with what’s at task. We sit with an owner through tough conversations and its all on the table.” –  Says Ben

Being a smaller agency, we are able to spend more time making you look good. This includes high quality marketing products to help specialise your journey even more than what you would get at another ‘bigger’ agency.

“We understand quality over quantity and that every client has completely different needs. So instead of focusing on the quantity of homes we sell, we focus on the service we provide because your opinion and customer experience has a far greater importance to us.” – Ben Tindall

What does boutique mean to us?

You never feel like a number. You come in, you get the director of each company (sales or property management) working with you and we have found this produces the best outcomes for our customers.

We’re not all suits and ties – we keep things light. We are a close team, we know when to let our hair down, and we know when to buckle down.

“We are about connections and giving people the best experience possible all the way through, past the transaction and its personal.” says Ben.

Because we are owner-operated, we can really explore options for our customers. That’s a huge part of the Villager difference.

If you are thinking of Selling in the near future, contact Ben to have a conversation about how we can help you make the best move. You can check out some love letters here