Be the kind of Landlord tenants want to stick with

by Villager

November 19, 20195 min read

Do you know what the number one secret to getting extra-good tenants is?

Be the kind of landlord your tenant wants to stick with. That means being polite, giving constructive feedback, sticking to your word and making their life easier. 

If we’re thinking similar, you’d know that a good tenant is worth their weight in gold and most of the tenants that we find will go out of their way to keep their landlords happy (okay, we might have a little something to do with that).

That’s a pretty good reason to invest in a property management team don’t you think?

Our Director of Property Management, Courtney helps to maximise investment properties in this area, weekly – getting Landlords better rental prices whilst keeping tenants happy!

Let’s have a chat soon so we can give you some more insights about our tenant selection process and see if we can help with yours.

Chat with Courtney now or have a look around our landlords page – Lease with us.

With a background in Design Communication, Lisa specialises in graphic design, branding and art direction for a number of high profile brands before working with Villager. A designer turned visual storyteller – Lisa’s focus is about shaping the Villager brand to tell stories in an interesting and insightful way.

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