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And what you can expect from us during this period

What a ride the last month has been and we are just a fraction of the way through it.

We are adapting and changing the way we do business everyday and whilst this is still all new to everyone here and everyone around us, we still have happy vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants. And while there has been a bit of a slowing down in enquiry coming through to inspect (for obvious reasons), the buyers who are showing up are ready to transact.

When it comes to inspecting property in NSW, there are some essential things we can do keep our Villager community and family safe.

We are taking all the precautions such as social distancing and as always our high level of personal hygiene when:

– Inspecting a potential new residence (1 person plus 1 agent at a time)

– Moving to a new residence or business place (2 people at a time)

– Undertaking legal obligations and property settlements

Public Auctions

Right now, public auctions are banned. But as this is one of our main services, we have adapted the way we do it. Most properties currently for sale will still sell via remote online Auction or prior. You can learn more about this process here

The new way we are doing open homes is working well.  We are still the same happy bunch of Villagers and our one on one conversations with buyers at private viewings is still a good vibe zone and takes us back to the good old days of pre-open home real estate. We are noticing that it lets us gain more insight into buyer needs and helps us qualify what they want with more specifics. This helps us match them with their most ideal property.

We are calling this the Villager New Normal.

Buyers and Sellers

Our sellers can feel at ease and understood that we are ensuring our buyers are ready to adhere to the Villager New Normal.

Because we are only one neat office on Darby street, we are ready to share everything we know as soon as we know it with transparency and clarity.

Our consultants are still in contact with buyers every day who still have intent on buying in the near future and are registered on our New Normal list of Villagers. It still is, as it always has been our top priority to match our buyers with homes.

If you are a buyer and intend on purchasing a property within the next six months, we would love to hear from you. Right now, there is a smaller pool of buyers and less competition, you are in the best position to let us match you to your best property according to your criteria.  We may have the right home already.

Buyers are still actively searching for property. Sellers are still wanting to sell their properties. We are continuing to find the most innovative ways of doing business.

Right now, home truly does begin here.
Ben Tindall.

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