If our industry has taught us anything, it’s understanding that when the time comes to make an investment decision…

Preparation is paramount for you achieve the best possible results.

That’s why we pride ourselves on consistent, straightforward and genuine journeys for all our landlords. Our team will guide you to make the best decision for your property, and most importantly, find the most suitable tenants.

Finding the best tenant all starts with the right marketing. We ensure that your property is as visible as possible online, on the street and at the right time. We are constantly doing better to align our systems and procedures to create the most comfortable property journey for you.

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At Villager, one of our most significant benefits we bring to you is our understanding of not only what is happening now, but what is likely to happen next.

lease with us, learn the difference.

We use styling and photography

Creating an identity for a home is everything when inspiring desire within people. Its also important to maintain an identity when we are selling.

Our team of stylists, film makers, photographers, copywriters and designers are here to bring the vision of your property to life. We help potential renters to visualise what is possible, what life could be like in each space – maximising the potential of your property through the power of storytelling.

to reach the best audience

Our team execute simple, eye catching campaigns to maximise the rental price of your property.

With our swift words, storytelling imagery, film and branding – online and on-street, we make it easy for renters to search and love what they find.

with our unique approach

Finding the best tenant all starts with the right people doing the filtering. We find great long-lasting tenants through a value-alignment strategy and maintain tenants with good character because of it.

With Villager, you are dealing with an owner of the business. We have a hands-on approach with one point of contact for you. This unique approach empowers you to prepare for leasing your property in an ordered, and stress-free way.

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