Prepare, enhance

& style.

The three ingredients for your best sale

“We have the time our clients don’t so we can prepare, enhance and style to unlock the potential of their homes…”

Do you ever walk into a place and feel like you could stay in there forever? The comfort you feel makes time move just a little bit slower in there. Our main objective with our styling service is to enhance the home in such a way that it helps people picture the potential the property has and what it could be for them.

That’s the feeling we create in every Villager Property styled home.

We maximise the potential of each home through the process of preparation, home enhancements (if needed) and lastly styling to really bring home the look and feel that we have uniquely crafted.

About our style

The Villager look is calm, neutral, modern and inviting. We take our time choosing from some of the best brands available to give a high-quality finish that creates a distinctive and luxurious feel for anyone entering the property for viewing or staying in one of our styled escapes.

Before you sell, before you lease.

Consider styling your property.

Styling a property isn’t just about making it look good for photos. It’s to help your home look and feel like ‘I could live here’. Its about making a space that’s empty feel lived in and full-of-life. Its to help your property become a place that people desire and want to see, smell and touch. It’s creating a vibe that builds up the desire.

Because teaching people about the possibility of a property is worth more to them than spending their valuable time. In doing this through staged aesthetics, it allows people to easily visualise what’s possible for them.

Because aesthetics get you noticed.

Here’s how it works

Your home is one of your greatest investments, we want to make sure it’s in its best possible condition before selling or using it as accommodation. Our process is simple and meet our clients needs time and time again.


With our in-home consultations, our Interior styling service involves collaboration with clients to achieve the best kinds of outcomes.

Decision Making

We use a simplified strategy for simplifying decision-making to avoid feeling burdened by too many options.

Time Precious

A quote is created for you in an efficient manner. Our interior styling service is specifically designed for busy lives.

Create Potential

Interior styling and staging can transform spaces beyond what was previously thought possible.

Discover our stunning results

It’s mini, monthly and made for you.

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