That warm feeling starts with Villager Style

Do you ever walk into a place and feel like you could stay in there forever

The comfort you feel makes time move a little slower there? That’s the feeling we try to create in all our Villager Property Styled homes.

Creating an identity for a home is everything when inspiring desire in people. It’s also important to maintain a consistent brand identity when we are selling your home.

Villager Property Styling helps people to visualise what is possible, what life could be like in each space. We maximise the potential of each home through composition, form and function – all adding to the unique story your home is telling.

Are you considering Styling for your property?

Give your home that ‘I could live here feeling’…

We try not to isolate any area of the market. We’re not too modern and not too homely.

Styling a property isn’t just about making it look good for photos. Its to help your home look and feel like ‘I could live here’. Its about making a space that’s empty feel lived in and life-of-full. Its to help your property become a place that people desire and want to see, smell and touch. It’s creating a vibe that builds up the desire.

Because teaching people about the possibility of a property is worth more to them than spending their valuable time. In doing this through staged aesthetics, it allows people to easily visualise what’s possible for them.

Because aesthetics get you noticed.

Here’s how it works

In-home consultations

We design a look + feel to suit your space

A quote is created for you

Sign, sealed and delivered

Our stunning results

Styled to Sold

View some of our favourite styled and staged homes, see what we did to make them unique and see just why people keep choosing Style by Villager time and time again.