Ash Sorensen


Ash grew up in Townsville QLD and moved to Newcastle in 2011. Relatively new to the Newcastle life he still blends in like a pro Novocastrian being a true creative with art and music a big part of his life.

Ash is our talented photographer. Any photo of ours that you see in the world, its a good chance Ash has taken it.

Always happy and smiling – nothing is ever a problem for him.

His professional background is in print and graphics and he loves geeking out on tech. His love of photography was discovered when he realised shooting requires a combination of both technical skills and creative ability.

Always up for a challenge, learning new things and discovering a faster or better way of doing something is easy for him to become obsessed with. Its safe to say, he’s got that growth mindset that all the Villagers have.

Get to know me:

What’s keeping you normal: Finishing off all those little jobs around the house.

What are you listening to: I always enjoy exploring new music. Jacob Collier is on high rotation at the moment.

What are you reading: Remote Pilot Study Material (Have recently completed CASA certification to carry out commercial drone photography).

What are you bingeing: Parks and Rec.

What is your Covid-19 snack of choice: Hot Cross Buns and Coffee!

Always happy and smiling – nothing is ever a problem for him.