Meet Courtney Rumble

Partner + Licensee

Although our jobs can be somewhat fast paced and stressful at times, Courtney has a sense of togetherness that many in her position are yet to master. She doesn’t spend time worrying about the problems – she just finds solutions and I, for one, find that very admirable.

When we need help, she is there! Courtney is always teaching us something new and always goes that extra step in ensuring we are across every task at hand.

Courtney is professional, yet so caring and at her best when she’s one-on-one with clients. She always says that going into someone’s house is a pretty big deal – it’s not about what you can do for them because anyone can do the job – It’s about how and why you do it. That’s what stays with people.

With absolute dedication and concrete vision, she truly leads by example. She will even answer a late night call. If that’s not dedication – I don’t know what is.

I have a huge amount of respect for Courtney. She is the most organised person I have ever worked with. We can have a laugh and she can be blunt at times – but my respect for her is solid, and I can’t say that about just anyone.

If you are thinking about selling your property, talk to Courtney.

Contact Courtney on 0449 129 599 or email her at