Indi Quigg

Assistant to Courtney Rumble

You know those girls at school with the colour-coded folder, post-its and hand-outs for the whole class? Yep, that was Indi. 

Always happy to be helping someone whether it’s at Villager as Courtney’s EA or in her colourful side-hustle flower business.

When her weekends aren’t filled with creating beautiful bouquets for weddings and events she’s being a cool mum, sipping on baby chinos in the park with her little one, Harvey. 

A self-declared hyper-active human, Indi just can’t sit still. She loves doing multiple tasks at once. Working in child services, then Law for 6 years seems to be where she strengthened that multi-tasker muscle. “Enthusiasm, hard work and personalised service go into everything I strive to provide. Every client has an individual and specific need that has to be met and a persons home should compliment their lifestyle. With property management, it’s not just about the tasks – it’s a balancing act to make someone’s home comfortable as well as keeping landlords happy” Says Indi.

If there’s something to file, note or highlight or someone to call or email – I can guarantee that she’s already onto it. But don’t be fooled, she’s not just an order taker – She makes sure that everything is accounted for and seamless. Most importantly, every customer is heard and respected. So for someone with a love of colour-coding (not just the flowers), we think she’s found a good home at Villager, wouldn’t you agree? 

When we need help, she is there!

Indi is an executive assistant to Courtney Rumble, if there is anything property management related, you can contact her here:

Contact her on 49 29 5999 or email her at