Meet Ivy Watterson

Villager and FOLLO concierge

Ivy is our Chief Bed Maker.. well not quite, but she looks after all of the ins and outs of Follo, our short-term accommodation business (which includes bed making from time to time). 

From managing guest bookings, overseeing the cleans and maintenance, to welcoming new Follo hosts and their homes, Ivy is constantly on the run to ensure smooth sailing and comfy sleeping. 

When she’s not property hopping, you can generally find her snuggled up with her Moodle Donald, sipping on a Soy Latte (or Espresso Martini, depending on the time of day). What else lights her soul on fire? Live gigs with her partner Steve, a great podcast and extremely well-made beds.

If you are thinking about short-term leasing your property, talk to Ivy.

Contact Ivy at