Leon Axford


Distinguished by his natural confidence and unwavering dedication to achieving exceptional results, Leon Axford is an auctioneer that will go the extra mile to see his clients realise their goals. 

With a successful background in real estate working in the industrial and commercial market, Leon's perfectly executed auctions are testament to his extended real estate knowledge and passion for being an auctioneer. 

Leon’s highly adaptive approach is invaluable in the ever-changing auctioneering arena, along with his intuitive communication skills essential for negotiating with bidders and maximizing results. 

Conducting in excess of 600 auctions per annum gives Leon the experience to implement and execute the perfect strategy each and every auction.

As a consummate professional, it comes as no surprise that Leon’s clearance rate consistently exceeds all industry averages. 

As told by Courtney and Tom

The Villager vision was and always will be about possibility.