Lisa Stoji

Creative Director

Our wacky, wonderful, one-of-a-kind creative eye. Yes, the one that does all the things that makes us look and feel the way we should.

Whether its writing some words, designing our new brand, website or directing our films – she's usually just telling everyone they need to send her something or that they need a photo taken.

"I believe that as a designer, I need to understand business and that's what makes creativity a valuable part of the Villager experience. "Our creative approach is a good blend of both."

On her days off, she's usually buying plants, out with friends, at the beach or serenading a crowd with some stanky funky soul, blues and jazz.

It takes a lot of lovin' to maintain the Villager brand but she injects the good vibes on the daily.

Get to know me:

Biggest mistake: Buying a cat off the internet.

Biggest accomplishment: Not buying another Jeep. (And maybe buying and renovating a house)

Whats keeping you normal: My cats Flanders and Gomez (wow I sound like a cat lady.. Wait, am I a cat lady?)

Whats on repeat: Bust a move – Young MC

What are you reading: The 46 Rules of Genius – Marty Neumeier

What are you bingeing: Right Now, The Nanny and The Office.

What are you snacking on: Wine and Honey Soy Kettle Chips

It takes a lot of lovin' to maitain the Villager brand, but she injects the good vibes on the daily.