Tom Stewart

Sales Consultant

As cliché as it sounds, the best part of my job is making vendors and buyers extremely happy. 

It’s not an easy job, but it’s the most rewarding.

Here’s why: I love the energy in this line of business we call real estate. Its fast paced and it’s a new challenge every single day.

For me, property has always been something I have been interested in – and no, not just because my uncle owns his own agency. Yes, its a foot in the door, but my passion always came from somewhere below that surface. 

Throughout school, I was never one to want to sit at a desk, I didn’t want to go to uni, but I knew in my gut what I really wanted – to have a career that was hands-on with my own spin on it. 

At Villager it’s so much more to me than turning up at 9am and going home at 5pm, I’m here to help people discover potential in places. Where do they see themselves in 10, 20, 30 years.. but its not just about the destination, it’s about that journey. I have seen almost every inch of the business and how its run from working in reception, new business, leasing consultant, managing our short-term accommodation rentals and now in my favourite part of the business as a sales consultant. Not to mention all the dirty work that has been done in the gaps at Villager, from watering freshly laid turf at properties going to market, helping with our property stylist, property project renovations, colour consults and the basic customer relationship maintenance.

The intention for my job at Villager was never to go straight into sales, it was to go through the paces of each part of the business, to learn, grow and have focus so that I can ensure that I can provide the best service and be the best version of myself for everyone around me. 

I have grown up around some especially amazing humans instilling me with good morals and values, and like Ben always says – The most important part of a business is the energy you bring to it.

So when it comes to the most rewarding, it’s this – the journey. 

I can’t be more grateful for where I’ve come from and where I’m going.  

As told by Courtney and Ben

Tom – he’s cheeky, but he’s going places that boy.

If you have a property you’re looking to Sell, Tom is the person to get in touch with to arrange a walk-through and chit-chat.

Contact him on 0447 589 069 or email him at